Colour consultation for women and men

Each person has a genetically-determined colouring and hair and eye colour.
Colour consultation aims to discover the perfect harmony between a person’s colouring and the colour of clothing, make-up, hair and accessories in order to highlight your personal image.
Colour analysis:
The analysis is carried out using fabrics in front of a special mirror with special lamps and establishes whether your personal type is warm or cold. During the analysis you will see for yourself which colours have a positive and which a negative effect on you.
Procedure for colour analysis:

  • Detailed colour analysis as per Prof. J. Itten
  • Complete a questionnaire
  • Establish your colour type
  • Discussion of your colour type
  • Make-up (for women) suited to your personal image
  • Hair colour, jewellery, glasses, shoes, bag, tie
  • You receive a colour fabric wallet