Style consultation for women and men

Style is the manner of being, doing and having!

Your style is established based on an analysis of your body shape and your basic style type, taking into consideration your personal and professional image. With style consultation, objective and brand-neutral combination suggestions are offered, taking into consideration your body shape, proportions and your own preferences. Therefore, I will not attempt to persuade you – no, our aim is to establish together with you what best suits you and what is important to you!
Themes and procedure for style consultation:

  • Analysis of your figure taking into consideration your height, proportions and profile without measurements
  • Introduction to basic style types
  • Which style suits you
  • Analysis of your accessories (jewellery, bag, shoes, glasses…)
  • Use and effect of colours and patterns
  • Suitable hair styles, designs, lengths and lines
  • Hair consultation (with partners in Merano and Bolzano)